Enviro Gold Products for Mining & Industrial

Enviro Gold Products have extensive uses in the mining and industrial sector. From industrial grade bio-degreasers to spill containment, hand cleaners to brake fluid we have a wide range of chemicals to suit your industry. We have highlighted some products below, but please check out our full range on the left menu.

New to our range is our Organic Dust Suppressant, helping our environment through reducing dust pollution and decreasing water usage. For more product information or how to purchase any of our products please contact us at Direct Source Australia.

Mining trucks

Dust a problem?

Natural, environmentally friendly product used in conjunction with water. Enviro Gold Organic Dust Suppressant is sprayed to control dust creation by forming a seal. Used on haul roads, around workshop entry or anywhere that airborne dust is a problem.
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Need a quick break Bio-Degreaser?

Enviro Gold Bio-Degreaser is a concentrated, solvent-free, phosphate-free, bio-degradable water based degreaser with a quick break formulation. Formulated to remove heavy deposits of grease, oil, dirt and grime from machinery, engines, concrete floors and designed for Industrial and Mining applications whilst being environmentally friendly.

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Spill Containment

These days you can't afford to not have the right gear. We have spill containment solutions for a range of needs, soft portable bags to wheelie bins with everything you need. Check out our new Enviro Gold Absorb-Mat for smaller spills - 25-50% more absorbent than oil-based polypropylene sorbents.

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