Marine Booms

We can supply various styles and sizes of Marine Booms, please contact us with your specifications.

Some types of Marine Booms available:

Oil Absorbant Booms - Whether the spill is directly on the water or has occured on land and finds its way there, fast response with the correct equipment is essential.

Sweep, Mops & Bilge Socks - Are ideal for recovery of oils and fuels floating on the water surface in bilges, oil interceptor pits and other water bodies.

Oil Containment Booms - Are a non absorbent barrier designed to float and trap oil on the water surface.

Fence Booms - Are a non absorbent, impervious, floating like structure for containing oil spills on the water surface.

Curtain Booms - Are non absorbent, impervious, floating structures with a large circular foam filled chamber above the water and a weighted continuous skirt below the water.

Cube Booms - Are non absorbent, impervious, floating booms for permanent deployment in all water and weather conditions including rough, open water.

Tidal Booms - Protect beaches, mudflats and shorelines from oil containment and are ideal for high tidal movements or shallow waters.

Mini Air Booms - Are low cost, inflatable booms that can be easily stored, fast to deploy and perfect for use in calm or sheltered waters.

Silt Booms - Are ideal for use in dredging, excavation and piling operations.  They trap and contain sediment and silt, preventing it from contaminating other parts of the waterway.

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