Enviro Gold range of Hand Cleaners

Enviro Gold range consists of 2 very different hand cleaners, if your needs are for an industrial grade hand cleaner then Enviro Gold Eco Hand Cleaner is the product for you. Enviro Gold Rose Oil Hand Soap is a general purpose hand soap for everyday hand cleaning requirements.

Enviro Gold Eco Hand Cleaner

Enviro Gold Eco Hand Cleaner is a premium quality industrial grade hand cleaner made from Citrus and Lanolin with added polymer beads for scrubbing power. This lotion style hand cleaner is ideal for industries where a heavy duty hand cleaner is required which reduces the instances of industrial dermatitis that can occur in high usage applications.
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Enviro Gold Rose Oil Hand Soap

If you are after a general purpose hand soap, Enviro Gold Rose Oil Hand Soap is a premium blend for everyday cleaning.
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