Enviro Gold Products ideal for General Workshops

General Workshops no matter what size or industry have a need for Enviro Gold Products. The range includes hand cleaners, cleaners & degreasers, hot tank washes, solvents, lubricants as well as necessities such as spill containment products, workshop rags and chemical spray bottles. We have highlighted some products below, but please check out our full range on the left menu.

Every day new applications arise for the vast range of products, especially the versatility of the lanolin and citrus products. For more product information or how to purchase please contact us at Direct Source Australia.

Tough Hand Cleaner with Lanolin

If you need a tough working hand cleaner and get dermatitis from the harsh chemicals, try Enviro Gold Lanolin Hand Cleaner.

The natural ingredients of citrus and high content of lanolin with the scrubbing power of polymer beads leaves the greasiest hands clean and moisturised.
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Got a spill that needs attention?

Got a small spill in your warehouse, need to clean it quickly - try Enviro Gold Absorb-Mat.

  • Eco-friendly sorbent mat
  • Made from 70% recycled materials
  • 25-50% more absorbent than oil-based polypropylene sorbents
  • Cheaper than you think, it is not impacted by volatile oil prices

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Non-Caustic Hot Tank Wash

Ideal for engine reconditioners or industrial workshops looking for non-caustic hot tank wash.

Enviro Gold Eco Clean is an industrial grade cleaner for use in heated wash tanks. This non-caustic white powder when mixed in water is suitable for all metals including soft alloys.

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