Full Listing of Enviro Gold Products

Below is an Alphabetical list of Enviro Gold Products with a link to more information under their category. If a product you are interested in does not appear, please contact us at Direct Source Australia.

Enviro Gold Absorb-Mat & Enviro Gold Absorb-Mat Plus
Eco-friendly sorbent, made from 70% recycled newspaper unlike oil-based polypropylene sorbents. Available in rolls with perf and pads.

Enviro Gold Air Fresh
Antibacco car deodorant leaves clean fresh scent.

Enviro Gold Armour It
Protects and moisturises vinyl, rubber, plastic and fibreglass gelcoat.

Enviro Gold Bio-Degreaser
Quick break, solvent-free, phosphate-free, water based Industrial grade degreaser.

Enviro Gold Brake Cleaner
Heavy duty formulation for cleaning disc, drum and other braking components.

Enviro Gold Brake Fluid
Dot 4, Grade 3 Brake Fluid available in 500ml, 5L and 20L.

Enviro Gold Can Lube
Canola based oil lube. Contains no silicons or hazardous ingredients. Multipurpose penetrating lubricant.

Enviro Gold Citrus Cleaner
Citrus based, Quick Break environmentally friendly and versatile.

Enviro Gold Citrus Solvent
Neat, is used as a bitumen remover and ideal replacement for products such as Wax and Grease Removers (Prepsol).

Enviro Gold Crystal Clear
Glass anc Chrome cleaner.

Enviro Gold Dishwashing Liquid
Thick gel concentrate ideal for household and commercial hand washing applications.

Enviro Gold Disinfectant
Powerful commercial grade disinfectant / sanitiser. Passes the TGA Commercial Test at a diluted level of 1:70

Enviro Gold Eco Clean Hot Tank Wash
Industrial grade cleaner. Safe and environmentally friendly.

Enviro Gold Eco Hand Cleaner
Citrus and lanolin based hand cleaner with Grit.

Enviro Gold Extreme Clean Hot Tank Wash
Industrial grade cleaner. Contains high concentration of sodium hydroxide to break down the toughest dirt, oil and grease.

Enviro Gold GP Thinners
A premium all purpose thinner suitable for thinning or reducing enamels, automotive acrylic lacquer, bumper primers and coats, polyester spray putty and epoxy.

Enviro Gold Hydrocarbon Spill Kits
Range of spill containment kits in wheelie bins for workshops and portable bags for vehicles.

Enviro Gold Kitty Litter
Premium Kitty litter made from Natural Diatomite. Retains liquids up to 100% of its own weight.

Enviro Gold Lanolin (Liquid or Grease)
Natural protectant from air and water. Environmentally Friendly. Very versatile, can be used as a rust preventative when storing vehicles and machinery in the elements. Excellent resistance to acids and fertiliser.

Enviro Gold Laundry Liquid
Premium concentrated, oxygenated with optical brighteners.

Enviro Gold MPDS
A non-formaldehyde based product designed as a deodonser/sanitiser for all portable toilet applications.

Enviro Gold Organic Coolant
Water based, long life protection 3 year/100,000kms and environmentally friendly.

Enviro Gold Organic Dust Suppressant
Natural, environmentally friendly product used in conjunction with water to spray to control dust creation. Used on haul roads, around workshops or anywhere that airborne dust is a problem.

Enviro Gold Parts Wash Solvent
Petroleum based solvent for use in most types of parts washers.

Enviro Gold Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor
Type B Coolant suitable for alloys. Ideal for mechanical and workshops and radiator repairs.

Enviro Gold Rose Oil Liquid Hand Soap
Rose scented liquid hand soap for general purpose cleaning.

Enviro Gold Rust Converter
Acid based rust converter, when applied converts rust to a non-reactive white powder coating.

Enviro Gold Soft Wash
Car wash which removes all dirt and grime with minimum effort. Contains a soft wax that leaves a durable shine.

Enviro Gold Sol Lite
Similar to the traditional Shellite. This product is used as a fast drying solvent used for cleaning metal, hard plastic and painted surfaces.

Enviro Gold Solvent Degreaser
Quick break, petroleum based degreaser designed to remove oil, grease and dirt.

Enviro Gold Truck & Machinery Wash
Quick break. Highly concentrated and contains a paint conditioner.

Enviro Gold Wax & Grease Remover
A quick drying cleaning solvent which is used in surface preparation and cleaning.

Enviro Gold Wall Bracket - Suit 5L Pump Packs.
Designed to fit 5L Pack, lockable bracket allowing easy dispensing.

Enviro Gold Workshop Rags
Premium Flannelette Cut Rags Available in 10kg compacted bales.

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