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Enviro Gold Lanolin is available in either grease or liquid form and is an industrial heavy duty formulation. The 100% natural properties of lanolin ensure Enviro Gold Lanolin provides superior protection for surfaces requiring isolation from air and moisture, whilst providing a safe and environmentally sensitive solution. It’s natural lubricant properties also ensures its effectiveness as a general purpose lubricant at low temperatures.

Common Applications

Everyday Enviro Gold Lanolin is replacing alternatives and due to its versatility often can replace multiple products reducing expenditure for companies. Enviro Gold Lanolin can be used anywhere that requires protection from air and moisture or that requires a lubricant under low temperatures. Enviro Gold Lanolin is safe for use on electricals and provides an airtight seal for high and low voltage systems, forming a barrier against water and corrosion, whilst still allowing lubrication of moving parts, switches, motors, bearings etc. Tested to 70kV under NATA specifications, and in accordance with Australian Standards AS1767.2.1-1999.
Some of the uses are as follows:

Mining & Industry

  • Protect against the corrosive properties of coal, limestone, fertilisers
  • Spray and protect large machinery and equipment being transported in open air sea cargo or whilst sitting dormant awaiting deployment.
  • Coat all cables on draglines, cranes, forklifts; lubricate and rust proof for cables extending their life.

General Workshop:

  • Ideal partner to all metal working applications as a lubricant and reducing friction.
  • Anti-seize properties provides a cutting compound, also protecting the surface from corrosion.
  • In welding applications is a great anti-splatter agent.


  • Stops electrolysis process when applied between two surfaces of dissimilar metal (aluminium and stainless)
  • Guards against corrosion from salt spray; spray chains, and chain lockers, anchors, winch cables, fishing rods, reels, gaffs and even tackle.
  • Enviro Gold Lanolin is not an anti-foul, but can be used as hull protection. Inhibits marine growth and improves glide through the water – resulting in lower fuel costs.
  • Applied to boat trailers, spray outside liberally and into the box section of the trailer to protect from within.


  • Safe on electric components and is non-conductive when dry, offering protection against moisture and corrosion when sprayed over electrical systems in vehicles.

Other uses:

  • Use on camping equipment, saddles, golfing equipment, and anywhere a weatherproof seal is needed.
  • Use on lawn mowers to seal the metal surfaces, and protect from acids in grass and fertilisers.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Safe for the environment
  • Natural anti-corrosive agent
  • Penetrates metal and wood for protection
  • Repels water
  • Expels salt, giving protection in marine environment
  • Non toxic, Non carcinogenic
  • Non conductive, safe for electrical.(tested to 70kV under NATA specifications)
  • Adheres under extreme vibration
  • Maintains lubrication in dusty environments
  • Reduces inventory costs, this grease can replace a number of products
  • Does not perish rubber or plastics
  • Resists acids and alkalis resulting in prevents acid etching by marine growth and will withstand washing down with chlorine and other alkalis.
Material Safety Data Sheets & Product Data Sheet

Lanolin, By-product of sheeps wool.
Lanolin Liquid
Pack Details:
Lanolin Liquid

EG350L 350gm Aerosol Enviro Gold
Lanolin Liquid
EG500L 500ml Trigger Enviro Gold
Lanolin Liquid
EG1L 1L Tin Enviro Gold
Lanolin Liquid
EG5L 5L Tin Enviro Gold
Lanolin Liquid
EG20L 20L Drum Enviro Gold
Lanolin Liquid
EG200L 200L Drum Enviro Gold
Lanolin Liquid

Lanolin Grease
Lanolin Grease

EG500G 500gm Tub Enviro Gold
Lanolin Grease
EG2.4G 2.4kg Tub Enviro Gold
Lanolin Grease
EG4G 4 kg Tub Enviro Gold
Lanolin Grease
EG20G 20kg Drum Enviro Gold
Lanolin Grease
EG180G 180kg Drum Enviro Gold
Lanolin Grease


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