Enviro Gold range of Corrosion Control & Lubricant products

From rust conversion chemicals to lubricants and corrosion products, with the harsh conditions of industrial and marine environments these products are designed for multiple applications.

Enviro Gold Lanolin - Australian Made

The 100% natural properties of lanolin ensure Enviro Gold Lanolin provides superior protection for surfaces from air and moisture, whilst providing a safe and environmentally friendly sensitive solution. Its natural lubricant properties ensures its effectiveness as a general purpose lubricant at low temperatures.
The natural benefits of Enviro Gold Lanolin being non-toxic, biodegradable and safe on electricals, as well as offering protection that stands up to the most modern synthetic formulations anywhere in the world, bares testimony to the versatility the product has to offer.
Enviro Gold Lanolin is an industrial grade lanolin available in Liquid or Grease form.
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Enviro Gold Can Lube

Enviro Gold Can Lube is formulated from a blend of canola oil and other key natural ingredients. This product is a durable multi-purpose penetrating lubricant with fantastic ability to control corrosion. Enviro Gold Can Lube contains no silicons or hazardous ingredients.
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Enviro Gold Penetrate Plus

Enviro Gold Penetrate Plus is a multi purpose penetrating and dewatering lubricant with a great ability to control corrosion. Enviro Gold Penetrate Plus loosens nuts, bolts, bearings, most other seized items and guards against corrosion
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Enviro Gold Rust Converter

Enviro Gold Rust Converter is a phosphoric acid based chemical which converts rust to iron phosphate which provides an increasing resistance to corrosion and provides surface to assist paint in adhering to metal surfaces.
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Australian Made Lanolin
Enviro Gold Lanolin
Rust Converter
Can Lube

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