Enviro Gold range of Degreasers & Cleaners

In the Enviro Gold range there are 3 main degreasers and cleaners for slightly different applications. All three products are:

  • quick break
  • solvent free
  • industrial grade powerful cleaners

Enviro Gold Bio-Degreaser

Enviro Gold Bio-Degreaser is a quick break, solvent-free, phosphate-free, water based degreaser. This product is a concentrated, biodegradable formulation which removes heavy deposits of grease, oil, dirt and grime from machinery, engines, concrete floors and most badly soiled substrates. Is ideally suited to wash pit, mining and industrial applications.
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Enviro Gold Citrus Cleaner

Enviro Gold Citrus Cleaner is a powerful quick break degreaser and cleaner. It is a versatile product with a vast range of uses across many industries at different concentrations. Easily removes built up grease or oil, diluted or neat as required.
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Enviro Gold Truck & Machinery Wash

Enviro Gold Truck & Machinery Wash is a concentrated, quick break water based wash, effective in the removal of tough road grime and dirt from all surfaces including plastic, rubber, chrome, aluminium and paintwork. Suitable for wash pit applications. This product is also an effective floor and laundry cleaner, due to the content of surfactants and optical brighteners.
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