Enviro Gold Products for the Automotive Industry

Enviro Gold Products have extensive uses in the auto industry. From brake fluid to hand cleaners, detailing products to degreasers we have a wide range of chemicals to suit. We have highlighted some products below, but please check out our full range on the left menu.

Everyday new applications arise for the vast range of products, especially the versatility of lanolin; storing cars out in the open, Enviro Gold Lanolin can help protect under harsh conditions. For more product information or how to purchase please contact us.


Auto Industry Enviro Gold

Detailing Made Easy

Enviro Gold Soft Wash is a quality car wash with wax.

Enviro Gold Armour It protects vinyl, rubber, plastic and fibreglass gel coat componentry.

Enviro Gold Air Fresh car deodorant leaves clean fresh scent.

Got something bigger than a car to wash... Enviro Gold Truck & Machinery Wash


Brake Products

When it comes to cleaning disc, drum and other braking components you need a heavy duty formulation. Enviro Gold Brake Cleaner dissolves the build-up with ease.

Enviro Gold Brake Fluid is Dot 4 Grade 3 for use on modern automotive disc and drum brake systems. More info on Enviro Gold Brake Fluid...




Tough Hand Cleaner

Enviro Gold Lanolin Hand Cleaner:

  • Strong citrus cleaning action
  • Lanolin to keep moisturised
  • No harsh chemicals reducing industrial dermatitis
  • Polymer beads for scrubbing action

More info on Enviro Gold Lanolin Hand Cleaner...



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