Accessories & Consumables

Chemical red PVC glove (non acid rated)                                                        Hazchem blue gloves (acid rated)
Part #  AS362301                                                                                           Part # 224253


Spill kit waste bags and zip tie                                                                         General purpose safety goggles
Part # WB                                                                                                        Part # AS021555
120L and 240L Wheelie Bins, available in Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Black.
Part # Blue: 120L WB120BL, 240L WB240BL
Part # Green: 120L WB120G, 240L WB240G
Part # Purple: 120L WB120PUR
Part # Red: 120L WB120RED, 240L WB240RED
Part # Yellow: 120L WB120YELL, WB240YELL
Part # Black: 240L WB240BLACK
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