Pourable Absorbent

Enviro Gold Pourable Bio Absorbent

Enviro Gold Pourable Bio Absorbent is a premium biodegradable absorbent product. Made from combinations of cellulose fibres like cotton, ground nut, stock feeds and fibrous flour, this absorbent has a very fast wicking action, meaning it absorbs oil and fuel spills rapidly leaving little residue behind.
  • Highly absorbent, biologically active, biodegradable, environmentally friendly materials
  • Rapidly encapsulates hydrocarbons (oils, fuels, grease etc) and many other liquids
  • Light weight, easy to apply, simple to use
  • Made of all naturally occurring microbes
  • Does not contain crystalline silica (classified Group 1 Carcinogenic to humans)
  • Ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial applications
10 Kilo Bag
Part # EGSA10
2.5 Kilo Bag
Part # EGSA2
Enviro Gold Kitty Litter
Premium Kitty Litter made from Natural Diatomite. Retains liquids up to 100% of its own weight. Specially formulated for use as an oil, water and odour absorbent. Simply spread over spill, leave for a while until all liquid has been absorbed. Sweep up and dispose of contaminated spillage according to regulations.
  • Premium Grade
  • Pollution Free
  • Non-Combustible
  • Economical
  • Reduces Slip Risk
  • Recyclable
35 Litre Bag
Part # EGKL35
Enviro Gold Hazard Absorbent
Enviro Gold Spill Hazard Absorbent is a vermiculite product designed to be used for Hazardous Spills.  Vermiculite is a unique mineral which is lightweight, inorganic, incombustible, compressible, highly absorbetn and non-reactive.
  • Ideal and safe solution for Hazchem spills
  • Cost effective
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-reactive alternative to cellulose and more effective
  • Australian made
  • Environmentally responsible
7.5 Litre Bag
Part # EGHA7
30 Litre Bag
Part # EGHA30


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