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Enviro Gold - Mining Industrial Marine Auto Workshop Chemicals


Enviro Gold - Enviro-Chemical & Spill Solutions.

Enviro Gold range has chemicals to suit applications across Mining & Industrial, Marine, Auto & General Workshops. From environmentally friendly alternatives to mainstream chemical requirements, we also do spill containment products!

Our website contains MSDS & Product Data Sheets, but if you have any questions or a particular application which needs an environmentally friendly solutions, please contact us at Direct Source Australia.

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Enviro Gold Chemical Range


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Spill control kits or spill response kits - Monday, July 21, 2014

Portable spill control kits are a handy way to ensure you have everything you need in one bag to respond to a spill. Soft portable bags also have options for torches and first aid kits for your safety. 

Also available are larger wheelie bin spill response kits for workshops.

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